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 1. Tatacara Kursus

    • Procedures For Course Registration Second Semester 2017/2018 Session (A172)       (English Version /Malay Version)
    • Procedures For Add / Drop Courses Second Semester 2017/2018 Session (A172)     (English Version / Malay Version)
    • Modul Tatacara Pendaftaran Kursus / Modul Registration (view here)

 2. Tarikh-tarikh Penting Pengkuliahan Bagi Semester Kedua 2017/2018 (A172) / Important Dates For Lecture Second Semester 2017/2018 (A172)  
(English Version / Malay Version)

 3. Hebahan Mewajibkan Penilaian Kursus Akademik/ Notification of Compulsory Evaluation of Academic Course (view here)

 5. INFO : Komponen Elektif Bebas/ General Elective Component (view here)
 6. MAKLUMAT PENTING: Pendaftaran Kursus Bahasa Mandarin 1 (SBLF1053)/
    IMPORTANT: Mandarin Language 1 (SBLF1053) Course Registration      (English Version / Malay Version)