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1. Borang Permohonan Membuka/Membatal/Lanjut Tarikh Transmit [ Download Here
2. Pelan Dewan Baru A131 [ Download Here ]
3. Remarking Form [ Download Here

Important Notice to NEW International Students: Change of Immigration Policy on Incoming International Students new icon

Please be informed that effective 1 January 2014, all NEW international students who are pursuing their studies in Malaysia need to get their Visa With Reference (VWR) from the Malaysian Immigration prior to entering Malaysia. Students are required to submit necessary documents as stipulated in your admission offer letter. UUM will process and request the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue VWR. Upon receiving VWR from the Immigration Department, a copy of VWR will be sent to students via email. Students are required to bring a copy of VWR to their nearest Malaysian Embassy for a single entry pass. Only then the students can enter Malaysia. Without VWR, new students will be denied entry into Malaysia. Please refer to your offer letter for more details. Entry by using social pass for study purpose will further complicate and lead to many more inconveniences. Kindly contact UUM Centre for International Affairs and Cooperation (ciac@uum.edu.my) for further help if needed.

Postgraduate studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia are a journey which leads to promising opportunities for enthusiastic students.
We welcome those who wish to acquire requisite skills and build their careers in learning and achieving their academic dreams.
UUM’s postgraduate study comprises different modes that suit your study style: coursework mode, research modes, as well as mixed mode, where you incorporate research and coursework in your study.









First Semester

(September Intake)

30th June

31st May





Second Semester

(January/ February Intake)

30th November

30th October

Third Semester

(May Intake)

28th February


1. PROCEDURES FOR REGISTERING INTERSESSION COURSES  2013/2014 (A133) SESSION                                  (English Version / Malay Version)


    • UUMCOB: Lecture Timetable (view here) / Tutorial Timetable (view here)
    • UUMCAS: Lecture Timetable (view here) / Tutorial Timetable (view here)
    • UUMCOLGIS: Lecture Timetable (view here) / Tutorial Timetable (view here)


    • Procedures For Adding / Dropping Courses Second Semester, 2014/2015 Session (A141)                    (English Version / Malay Version)
    • Procedures For Course Registration Second Semester 2014/2015 Session (A141)                                (English Version / Malay Version)

 4. Tatacara Am / The General Procedures

 5. Important Dates For Lecture Second Semester 2014/2015 ( A141)                                                                (English Version / Malay Version)
 6. Hebahan Mewajibkan Penilaian Kursus Akademik/ 
     Notification of Compulsory Evaluation of Academic Course (view here)
 7. INFO : Komponen Elektif Bebas/ General Elective Component (view here)



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Examination Unit

En. Saarif Rosli Ahmad. Saarif Rosli B Saarif Ahmad
Assistant Registrar
(+6)04-928 3310

hayati Hayati Jamali
Executive Officer
Tel: (+6)04-928 3314
intan Intan Nor Hasliza Shoberi
Tel: (+6)04-928 3328
hasnah Hasnah Mohd Hanapiah
Tel: (+6)04-928 3328
ucop Mohamad Yusof Mat
Tel: (+6)04-928 3329
khodir Abdul Khodir Abd Razak
Pembantu Penerbitan Kanan
Tel: (+6)04-928 3330
abdrashid Abdul Rashid Saad
Pembantu Penerbitan (KUP)
Tel: (+6)04-928 3331